Our focus remains clear -

to identify the best.

IT Focus

Whether you need an IT professional to fill a temporary role or are in need of a team for a new project, Stango & Associates is your answer!

Since 1999, Stango & Associates has been helping emerging and Fortune 500 companies identify and place the right candidates to help ensure their project completion within their budget and time constraints. From Software Developers and Network Engineers to Database Administrators and E-Commerce Specialists, we have the tools to locate the individuals you need.

Technical Understanding & Knowledge

Stango & Associates doesn't just fill vacancies - we help build companies. Thanks to our staff's extensive personal experience - from software development to sales expertise - we have developed a unique methodology to help you build a qualified team of IT professionals - with specific skills and technology expertise - to meet your business goals.

Our IT professionals possess a wide range of skills and core competencies.
Check out our Vast IT Talent Pool.

SAP implementations represent a significant part of our business.
Check out our Vast SAP/ERP Talent Pool.

Our approach is based on defining not only the candidate requirements (i.e., the essential skill sets) but also the job specifications - what the position will entail and how it fits into your company's goals and culture. Our intimate understanding of the industry, coupled with our knowledge of your needs and our vast database of candidates, can help you achieve timely fulfillment of your projects.